Will Dean Wilson Race Anaheim 1

Will Dean Wilson Race Anaheim 1

Dean Wilson is one of those riders, like Malcolm Stewart and Jake Weimer, that wasn’t able to secure a ride for the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross season. We've been waiting (hoping?) to see Dean get something, and he's been riding a Yamaha YZ450F given to him by the Yamaha guys. But when the official Yamaha PR dropped yesterday outlining its 2017 race teams, Wilson was nowhere to be found on it.

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Yamaha had been working behind the scenes to try to fit him in somewhere but looks like that didn’t work. We have confirmed, though, that Wilson will be at Anaheim 1 on a Yamaha as a privateer and we suppose he’ll decide after the first few races what direction he’s going to go.

So Dean's on blue, but will he have a crew? We'll see.

Last night, in a series of tweets, Wilson further explained his situation heading into the 2017 season, writing: "Don't feel bad for me. I'm good! I'm going to be racing I'm gonna do my best I'm working hard and doing all I can do to beat the races."


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