KTM 2017 Team Intro

Anaheim 1 is only five weeks away, which means preparations for the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross season are in full swing. Tuesday, KTM held an event at their supercross test track in Corona, California, to introduce the media to the 2017 Factory Edition 250 SX-F and 450 SX-F, as well as the riders for Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-KTM-WPS, Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull KTM, and the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull KTM amateur team.

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There was quite the turnout from the industry which included many of the media outlets, previously mentioned teams, and the riders’ gear companies. With an event like this, it is crucial for sponsors to be represented well. They make sure every rider has the right helmet on, the lens colors are correct, the boots are clean, and everything else has been given some extra polish. KTM even had its track completely rebuilt for the event. None of the riders had touched the new layout, so it was cool watching everyone test out the rhythms and discover the fastest lines just like the first practice sessions on Saturday mornings during the season.

With the rain Southern California got over the weekend, the conditions couldn’t have been better. There were two 450 sessions and two 250 sessions with everyone mingling throughout. KTM even brought a The Taco Man to the track, but I was a little-preoccupied grabbing interview and taking pictures one handed thanks to my currently broken wing.

So who’s on each team for 2017? We’ll run the gauntlet in case you’ve forgotten.

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing:

Ryan Dungey
Marvin Musquin
Trey Canard

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-KTM-WPS:

Davi Millsaps
Blake Baggett
Benny Bloss
Max Markolf (amateur team)

Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull KTM:

Alex Martin
Shane McElrath
Jordon Smith
Mitchell Oldenburg

Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull KTM amateur team:

Mitchell Falk
Sean Cantrell
Derek Drake
Pierce Brown
Our old friend, and former GNCC employee, Jen Kenyon, who is now a public relations specialist at KTM, hosted the day’s events as well as introduced all the teams. The biggest announcement, which was also made a few days prior, was the addition of an amateur program to the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-KTM-WPS team. Max Markolf—who is currently an Orange Brigade rider—will be filling that single spot through 2018. Max is currently recovering from an injury sustained while practicing supercross in September but will be racing some arenacross next year before making his official debut with the team at the Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross. He will pit out of the team semi at that race.


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